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What makes PPC Specialty Metals Different?

The product that you receive is the difference. Most suppliers will not take the time to remove the sharp edges from a cut piece of metal. Their identification of the grade is usually a quick spray of paint on the ends. If the customer doesn't make a more permanent identification themselves, the piece will sometimes become scrap.

PPC Specialty Metals Eliminates this Waste!

PPC processes each order by cleaning and removing any sharp corners. After this, each piece is carefully identified with painted stenciled lettering down every inch of the bar or piece. What you receive from PPC will be cleaned, deburred and stenciled. We take a lot of pride in providing this service and it benefits our customers.



We stock Tool Steel, Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel along with some new additions of Aluminum & Stainless Steel. A complete inventory of standard and in-between sizes is ready for immediate shipment.


Decarb Free Flats & Squares

In addition to the standard common sized flats & squares, PPC Specialty Metals offers in-between sizes in an effort to save you, the customer, valuable machining time. Decarb free tolerances are approximately .015" to .035" oversize on the thickness and the widths are saw cut oversize to finish to the customer requirements as specified by the customer. Most orders are shipped within 24 hours.

Heat Treat Furnaces

PPC Specialty Metals carries a wide range of furnace models and sizes for all your tool room heat treating needs. The new precision electric furnaces have a faster heat up time with a broad range of temperatures for hardening tool steel and alloy grades. PPC has a wealth of information to assist the user on how to harden individual grades as requested. Tool wrap is available from stock in 50 ft. or 100 ft. rolls. Please ask about our patented TOOL WRAP WORK STATION which offers a safe easy way of cutting, folding and crimping the wrap.




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